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Step 2 consultation has now closed.

All comments received between the close of Step 2 and the opening of Step 3 will receive a response and will be considered by the Regulators as part of the Step 3 assessment.

As part of the GDA process for the UK HPR1000 reactor technology, we have made available information on the reactor design as well as the technical documents that we submit to the UK regulators at each step of the process (see GDA process page for more information).

We value your comments on the information we have published here, so please provide your views or questions on the reactor design, safety and environmental aspects here.

We shall consider all relevant comments and seek to respond within 30 days. We will share all comments received, along with our responses, with the regulators.

Please note that the GDA process does not cover the principles of nuclear policy or the siting of potential power stations.

You can submit comments on our submissions electronically here, or by post to the freepost address FREEPOST UKHPR1000.

If you have any questions on how to submit a comment or face a problem with any part of this website, please Contact us.