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Pre-Construction Environmental Report (PCER) V1.1

For ease of access, the Pre-Construction Environmental Report (PCER) V1.1 has been split into chapters as shown in the table below.

Some documents may contain commercially sensitive, export-controlled or sensitive nuclear information and so, in line with GDA guidance, we have made judgements on areas to be redacted prior to being made public.

As part of the GDA process, the public is invited to review and comment on the documents. Should you wish to comment on this document, please use our Comment page or send your comments to our Freepost address on the Contact us page.

During Step 4, the Environment Agency (EA) also hold a public consultation to seek views on its preliminary conclusions of the detailed assessment to date. This consultation is running between 11 January 2021 and 4 April 2021. Information about the consultation and details on how to take part is on the EA website

PCER ChapterTitle
2General Site Description
3Demonstration of BAT
4Radioactive Waste Management Arrangements
5Approach to Sampling Monitoring
6Quantification of Discharges Limits
7Radiological Assessment
8Conventional Impact Assessment