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The technology

The nuclear reactor technology that we have requested the UK nuclear regulators to assess is based on the HPR1000.

This technology is already being constructed by CGN at the Fangchenggang nuclear power station in the Guangxi region of China. The safety of the HPR1000 technology has already been established in China and, following GDA approval, a UK version of the HPR1000 is proposed to be built at Bradwell B in Essex.

The technology uses pressurised water reactor (PWR) technology, similar to the technology used at Sizewell B in Suffolk. Once built, the Bradwell B nuclear power station will comprise a 1180MW reactor unit, which is enough to power more than two million homes.

Fangchenggang nuclear power station under construction

Over the course of the GDA process, we will submit information on the reactor design, safety components, environmental performance and waste management features of the UK HPR1000. The regulators will review this information and any modifications we propose at each step in the process to ensure the UK version of the HPR1000 meets UK regulatory requirements.

The following pages set out the detail of the reactor technology.